You are so good. So good, you’re always feeling so much. And sometimes it feels like you’re gonna bust wide open from all the feeling, don’t it? People like you are the best in the world, but you sure do suffer for it. Silas House, This is My Heart for You (via fromonesurvivortoanother)

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This is one more piece of advice I have for you: don’t get impatient. Even if things are so tangled up you can’t do anything, don’t get desperate or blow a fuse and start yanking on one particular thread before it’s ready to come undone. You have to figure it’s going to be a long process and that you’ll work on things slowly, one at a time. Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood, (via wordsnquotes)

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someone with ocd drinks 4 cups of coffee.

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"no thanks. btw the fact that you’ve "been away for 10 months" doesn’t mean anything to me because we have not spoken since 2011. so yeah."

working title for my memoirs

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Remember when you were younger and it was perfectly normal for pieces of your head to periodically fall out, which you would then sell to an unseen mystical being? That was a weird time.

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